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What are CapeKeepers

Cape Keepers are supporters of a campaign designed to encourage Cape residents and business owners to learn about the impact of septic system use and to take responsibility for the health of our ponds, bays and estuaries. The goal of this campaign is to empower people with information about wastewater planning so we can act together in our communities. Wastewater planning is essential to protecting the quality of life that makes Cape Cod attractive to visitors, business owners, tourists - and those who live here. If you have a septic system, you are part of the long-term plan to keep the Cape the way we want it to be. Join us and become involved in our campaign and take part in your community's wastewater planning.

Becoming a CapeKeeper is easy and it’s free. Get involved in your community’s efforts to protect water quality and the resources that make Cape Cod special. and we will keep you informed by email of upcoming events and progress on planning for wastewater treatment in your town.